What Should My Video Look Like?


Choosing a Visual Style

Simply narrating a slide presentation may seem like the easiest way to transfer your lecture material online, but it may not be the best for your learners. Before you begin to design content for the online modality, take the time to explore your options and then choose the right visual format for your desired objectives.


Explore the links below to learn about the styles of videos that you can create.

Learn more about talking head videos
Learn more about screencast videos
Learn more about pencast videos
Learn more about animation videos


Mixing Visual Styles

There are times you may find that is desirable to mix visual styles (ex. screencast and pencast). If you choose to mix visual styles, make sure you are working from a strong storyboard, plan, or outline.


You may also want to become familiar with the editing features of whatever tools you are using so you know how much editing you will be able to do and how easy or complicated it may be to learn (tip: to learn light editing skills, use your recorder’s help or tutorial resources. You can also explore the free light editing features available in YouTube).


You should also familiarize yourself with our notes on Designing for Learning so you can determine the best way to mix visual styles without compromising the effectiveness of your video.