Overview Videos

What is it?

​An overview video synthesizes how the materials and activities for a duration of time (ex. a week, unit, or semester) will pull together to help students achieve the prescribed learning outcomes.

​Why should I do it?

Course materials need to be put into context. Beginning a week, unit, or semester with an overview video helps lay the foundation for meaningful learning.  They can also be used to highlight some key areas of focus, emphasis, or difficulty in the upcoming materials.  

What tools do I need?

  • webcam/microphone

  • a free recording application

  • free video hosting

What does it look like?

Overview videos are usually talking head style or screencasts.

Learn more about talking head videos
Learn more about screencast videos

How do I organize it?

Begin by formulating your objective and creating a solid plan, storyboard, or outline for your video. Overview  videos should provide the context that is necessary for students to use the required learning materials to achieve the prescribed objectives. 

Overview Video Template

Overview Video Template: 1. Begin with a greeting and introduction; 2. Review where you've been; 3. Explain where you're going; 4. Explain how the semester/unit/module fits into the "big picture"; 5. Be positive and offer encouragement
  • Overview videos will likely have to reference course specifics such as readings and assignments.

  • Whenever these elements change, the overview video should be updated before the next offering of the course.


Tips for Success​


Example Overview Video



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