Introduction Videos

What is it?

​An introduction video allows an educator to informally introduce themselves to students.

​Why should I do it?

Introduction videos provide an opportunity for your students to learn more about you and your approach to teaching.  Such videos help you to set the tone for the course and helps to personalize the education experience while establishing social presence.  They also provide online students a way to "get to know you" outside of course content and assignments.

What tools do I need?

  • webcam/microphone

  • a free recording application

  • free video hosting

What does it look like?

Introduction videos are usually talking head style or screencast.

Learn more about talking head videos
Learn more about screencast videos

How do I organize it?

Begin by introducing yourself by name and then welcoming students to the course. Tell students a little bit about who you are and your interests. This is one of your students' first impressions of you; use  this opportunity to make a positive impact and express your enthusiasm for teaching your course.

Introduction Video Template

Introduction Video Template: 1. Introduce yourself; 2. Specify how students should address you; 3. Welcome students to the course; 4. Share a brief overview of who you are and your interests; 5. Provide a brief overview of the course; 6. Share your enthusiasm for teaching this course; 7. Explain how students can contact you; 8. Encourage students to communicate with you; 9. Wish students well


Tips for Success​

  •  Introduction videos add an element of personalization to the course, create introduction videos new every time.

  • Keep these videos brief; fewer than five minutes if possible.


Example Introduction Video (Talking Head)


Example Introduction Video (Screencast)


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