Feedback Videos

What is it?

A feedback video provides summarizing commentary on student work. This can be done for individual students (one video per student) or as feedback to all (one video for an entire class). 

​Why should I do it?

Providing video feedback helps to personalize the learning experience for students.  In some cases, video feedback allows you to also be more detailed than the traditional margin comments.

What tools do I need?

  • webcam/microphone

  • a free recording application

  • free video hosting

  • whiteboard application
    (depending on visual style)

What does it look like?

Orientation videos are usually talking head style, narrated slide shows, screencasts, or pencasts.

Learn more about talking head videos
Learn more about screencast videos
Learn more about pencast videos

How do I organize it?

Providing feedback is always a delicate process. Video feedback is helpful but adds additional layers (such as tone of voice and facial expression) for students to interpret. Send clear and consistent messages by engaging in mindful communication practices. If feedback is provided to students individually, address the student by name.

Feedback Video Template

Feedback Video Template: 1. Address the student by name (if feedback is for individual students); 2. Refer to the assignment or activity by name; 3. Begin with a positive comment; 4. Provide constructive feedback; 5. Provide a reminder about available resources to aid improvement; 6. Identify and clearly describe revision tasks or practice suggestions; 7. Remind students to review their grade (and how) and any additional feedback that might be available; 8. Remind students how to contact you, your office hours, and encourage them to access support
  • ​Create feedback videos new every time.

  • Use communication tools (such as the course announcements tool) in your learning management system to direct learners to where they can view their video feedback.


Tips for Success​


Example Individualized Student Feedback Video (Screencast)


Example [Whole-Class] Feedback Video (Screencast)



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