Assignment Overview Videos

What is it?

​An assignment overview video steps students through the requirements for course assessments and activities. Each video should overview only one assignment or assessment. Embed assignment overview videos with the written instructions for the assignment. 

​Why should I do it?

These videos allow you to "walk" a student through an assignment, providing emphasis and focus where needed.  You can also use these videos to proactively describe and discuss "frequently asked questions" and areas where previous students have faced difficulty.  In doing so, you will reduce student anxiety and decrease execution-based questions. 

What tools do I need?

  • webcam/microphone

  • a free recording application

  • free video hosting

What does it look like?

Overview videos are usually talking head style or screencasts.

Learn more about talking head videos
Learn more about screencast videos

How do I organize it?

Begin by formulating your objective and creating a solid plan, storyboard, or outline for your video. Assignment overview  videos should provide the context that is necessary for students to understand assignment requirements. 

Assignment Overview Video Template

Assignment Overview Video Template: 1. Identify the assignment; 2. Review assignment objectives; 3. Provide instructions; 4. Identify acceptable submission formats; 5. Review evaluation criteria; 6. Highlight resources and available help; 7. Direct students to available exemplars and/or detailed written instructions
  • Assignment overview videos will likely have to reference course specifics such as readings and assignments.

  • Whenever these elements change, the assignment overview video should be updated before the next offering of the course.

  • Provide tips to success in the assignment overview or create additional success tip resources for learners.

  • Keep these videos brief; fewer than five minutes if possible.


Tips for Success​


Example Assignment Overview Video (Screencast)


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